Route Maps for 2019 ECC Championships - Port Elizabeth


Time Trial

U11 Boys/Girls and U13 Girls 10km Junior Boys 30km
U13 Boys and U15 Girls 10km U23 Men 30km
U15 Boys and U17 Girls 10km Elite Men 30km
U17 Boys 20km Elite Ladies 30km
Junior Girls 20km Vets Men 30 - 49 30km
Vets Men 50 - 70+ 20km Vets Ladies 30 - 39 30km
Vets Ladies 40 - 70+ 20km    

Route Map

Time Trial Profile


Road Race

U11 Boys/Girls and U13 Girls 19km Blue Route U17 Boys 77km  3x Laps
U13 Boys and U15 Girls 27km 1x Lap Junior Boys 102km  4x Laps
U15 Boys and U17 Girls 52km  2x Laps U23 102km 4x Laps
Junior Girls 77km  3x Laps Elite 102km 4x Laps
Vets Ladies 40 - 70+ 77km  3x Laps Vets Ladies 30 - 39 102km 4x Laps
Vets Men 50 - 70+ 77km  3x Laps Vets Men 30 - 49 102km 4x Laps

Route Map


Lap Distance = 25km
Distance from start line to start of lap = 1km

06h30 Start - (4x Laps)
(Red Identification)
Junior Boys, U23, Elite, Vets Men 30-49, Vets Ladies 30-39
06h35 Start - (3x Laps)
(Blue Identification)
U17 Boys, Junior Girls, Vets Men 50+, Vets Ladies 40+
06h40 Start - (2x Laps) (Yellow Identification)
 U15 Boys, U17 Girls
06h45 Start - (1x Lap)
(Green Identification)
 U13 Boys, U15 Girls
07h00 Start
Estimated (Black Identification)
U11 Boys/Girls, U13 Girls 
Start after last rider has passed at Hi-Tech / Cape Road Intersection

U11 Boys/Girls & U13 Girls (General Information)
Time Keeper will follow last rider from start and then start this group of riders at their starting point.
All riders must ensure they are at the start in time for their official start time.
Late riders will not be compensated for any late starting times.

Route Profile    


Total Elevation = 166m


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