Championship Rules and Regulations


Age Categories

- Provincial Championships is a Closed Event for the province. This means that only Eastern Cape Cyclists can take line honors.
- Cyclists from outside the province may participate but cannot take line honors.
- Event is open to all cyclists irrespective if they have an CSA Membership or not
- Only cyclists with CSA Full Racing License (Junior, U23, Elite) or CSA Membership (All other age categories) AND belonging to an affiliated ECC Cycling Club can receive line honors (medals) and / or provincial colours
- Participants not in possession of a Full Racing License or Membership must take out a Day License and may participate but cannot receive line honors and medal and / or provincial colours.

Age Categories

The following Age Categories are applicable:
Youth Categories: Boys and Girls - U11
(age 9 & 10), U13 (age 11 & 12), U15 (age 13 & 14), U17 (age 15 & 16)
Elite Categories: Men and Ladies - Junior
(age 17 & 18), U23 (age 19 to 22), Elite (age 23 and above)
Vets Categories: Men and Ladies in 5 year intervals, 30 to 34,     35 to 39,     40 to 44,     45 to 49,     50 to 54,     55 to 59,
                                                                                            60 to 64,     65 to 69,     70+
Your age is determined as on the 31 December of the year that the championship is held in

Gearing and Maximum Distances

Gear restrictions are measured by one full revolution of the chain wheel set. 

U11 U13 U15 U17 JUNIOR
6.227m 6.227m 6.626m 6.897m 7.930m

Maximum Distances allowed, CSA Regulated or UCI Regulated

U11 Boys and U13 Girls (CSA Regulated) 10km 20km
U13 Boys and U15 Girls (CSA Regulated) 10km 30km
U15 Boys and U17 Girls (CSA Regulated) 15km 60km
U17 Boys (CSA Regulated) 20km 80km
Junior Boys (UCI Regulated) 30km 140km
Junior Girls (UCI Regulated) 20km 80km
U23 Men (UCI Regulated) 40km 180km
ELITE Men (UCI Regulated) 80km 180km
ELITE Ladies (UCI Regulated) 40km 140km
VETS Men 30 to 49 (UCI Regulated) 40km 160km
VETS Men 50 to 64 (UCI Regulated) 30km 100km
VETS Men 65 to 70+ (UCI Regulated) 20km 80km
VETS Ladies 30 to 39 (UCI Regulated) 30km 120km
VETS Ladies 40 to 70+ (UCI Regulated) 20km 80km

Please look at the Maps page to see distances applicable to this years event

The distances applied in ECC Championships is at the discretion of the organiser subject to route availability, route profiles,
event logistics etc but may not exceed the maximum distances as regulated by CSA or UCI. See the Route Maps for the race distances applied for the particular years championships.


- No Time Trial equipment / helmets will be allowed for U15, U13 and U11 age categories.
- U17 are allowed to use Time Trial equipment
- All Time Trial equipment must comply to UCI / CSA regulations. See CSA web site for specifications.
- Only qualified Team Managers with a valid CSA License may follow riders.
- No feeding from team managers or any other person on any of the youth race distances, Road Race and Time Trial.

Medal Allocations

ECC Championships Standard for Road and Time Trial

All Age Categories - 1 or 2 starters Gold only 
                                    3 starters Gold and Silver medals 
                                    4+ starters Gold, Silver and Bronze medals

Age Categories Junior, U23 and Elite requires a Full Racing License to be on the podium. CSA Regulations for these age categories. Riders with only Membership in these age categories may participate but may not be on the podium.

In the event that riders from outside the Eastern Cape participate and finish in the top three positions, their positions will be 
ignored and medals awarded to the first three Eastern Cape cyclists, subject to the conditions listed above. The non-Eastern 
Cape riders do get counted in the number that participates for medal requirements as stipulated above.

If any of the first three finishes (Eastern Cape Cyclists) in age categories U11 to U17 and all Vets categories do not qualify in respect to CSA Membership and / or member of an affiliated ECC Cycling Club, that positions medal falls away and is not awarded. Riders in lower positions do not move up the order to replace riders that do not qualify for medals.

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