The success of Nelson Mandela Bay District Road Cycling is not going to be as a result of one or two individuals efforts
but is going to be a team effort. You as a cyclist is part of that team and we need you so that this district can achieve its
goals it has set out for the future. How do you get involved and what do we need?

1. Support our events. Get your mates to support the events as well. Rather ride the event than go for a group training ride and then complain there is no events to participate in.

2. For events to take place we need marshals. For all our district events if you provide a adult marshal, can be your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend etc you can ride that event for free. Events cannot take place without marshals so we need your support.

3. Sponsorship for the Youth Schools Challenge. If you are interested or know of a business or company that would like to be involved please contact us. East Cape Cycling is in the process of registering as a Non-Profit Organisation so any sponsorship from a business or company can be claim back on tax and other allowable claims as part of social involvement.

4. We need to develop our youth riders especially our PDI riders. CSA and SASCOC are insisting on representation based on colour and we need to develop riders so that we meet these requirements. The district wants to establish a "High Performance Center" for all cycling disciplines where riders identified can form part of a development program. The program would require  involvement from experienced riders, current and past, to give up some of their time on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings to ride with a youth group and pass over your experience to them. This program needs to be established so if you are willing and have ideas please contact us.

5. Youth Festivals cost money to send teams to them and ECC cannot fund all the expenses. Fundraisers and / or sponsorship is needed. We require parents of the youth riders to get involved where ever they can. We as cyclist then need to support the fundraisers that are put in place.

6. We need sponsorship / loan of a bus or busses to take youth teams to youth festivals. There is a large trailer available to take the bikes so all we need is a tow hitch on one of the busses.

7.Our PDI riders are disadvantaged in that they cannot always attend our events that are held on the western side of Port Elizabeth. Many cycle from the townships to the events so have done 30 or 40 kilos before they do the event. For the youth this is not feasible as they are restricted on the distances they should do in a day. We need a bus or busses and driver/s to pick up the riders at a central point near the townships and bring them to the events and take them back. There is a large trailer available that can be used to get the bikes to the venue so we need a bus with a tow hitch.

8. If we have our youth requirements sorted out and the financial strain is relieved on the overall road budget for the district we can focus on the older riders and reintroduce inter-provincial events between our neighboring districts / provinces.

9. As road cyclist we need to support Track Cycling. We have two cycle tracks both under utilized. Road cyclist need to go to the training sessions that are held at the Oval on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and try out track racing. Road bikes can be used or the track bikes that are available. You just need to take your own pedals. 

Looking at our requirements to reach our goals, where can you help us to make road cycling in the district a success?

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