CSA Licensing

What benefits do you get from taking out a CSA License?

1. You do not have to pay a Day License at events
2. You have Insurance from Hollard Insurance that covers medical expenses up to R20 000 if you are involved in a cycling accident if you are taking part in a CSA sanctioned event.
3. You have Road Cover Insurance and access to professional assistance to claim from the Road Accident Fund in the case of an accident if you are out training or taking part in an organised event.
4. Your licensing fee goes towards running events in the province and helps to bring entry fees down.
5. You receive a membership card which is also a loyalty benefits card which can be used at various retail stores. Few stores are linked currently but CSA will be adding to the list from requests that you the cyclist gives through to them.
6. You  CSA Membership Card will be used at local events to identify you as a CSA Member and which club you belong to.
7. You can enter the ECC Provincial Road and Time Trial Championships and receive line honors and be in contention for provincial colours. Without a CSA License you can only participate without recognition.

What is the costs for a License?

Membership License
Current fees are R250 towards CSA and R50 towards East Cape Cycling i.e. Total of R300 per year.

Full Racing License
You need to take out the Membership License as above plus the Full Racing License which is R350. The total amount will thus be R650 per year.

License Validity Period
Membership is valid for 12 months and you renew each year in the month you purchased the license.
Full Racing License expire on 31 December each year.

CSA Web Site

Click here to take out a CSA License

RoadCover and Hollard's Medical Benefits

The inclusion of RoadCover into Hollard's medical benefits is of great advantage to Cycling SA members, and the best part is that it is all-inclusive in the annual membership fee. 

RoadCover is a service offering that manages it's members claims with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) from start to finish and assists them in order to be compensated by the RAF in full, at no extra cost to themselves. 

The benefits of RoadCover: 
- Members will have a dedicated RoadCover Legal practitioner to formulate their claim with the RAF 
- RoadCover manages the entire claim from start to finish, effectively halving the claim turnaround time 
- Members receive 100% of the RAF payout - RoadCover charges no additional fees 
- For the duration of the claim the individual receives the following: 
    o Legal representation 
    o Administration and claims management 
    o Accident reconstruction 
    o Required Medico-legal reports 
    o Required actuarial reports 
    o Past and future loss of earning reports 
    o Past and future loss of support reports 

Who is entitled to claim? 
- A Cycling SA member limited to any form of cycling activity, being training, competition or social riding only 
- The dependant of a deceased victim 
- A close relative of the deceased in respect of funeral expenses 
- A claimant under the age of 18 who must be assisted by a parent or legal guardian 

What could you claim for? 
- Medical expenses (past and future) 
- Funeral expenses 
- Loss of earnings or income if a person is disabled (past and future) 
- Loss of support for a dependant of a deceased victim (breadwinner, past and future) 
- General damages for pain, suffering and disfigurement in the case of bodily injury as determined after examining the extent and severity of the injury

ECC Affiliated Clubs

Why must I join a club?

Within the NMB District we want to reinstate that pride that used to exist within the cycling community of belonging to a club and proudly wearing the clubs kit. Clubs are the foundation pillars for a provincial body and have a strong voice and say in the running of matters within the province. Your contribution and association with a club makes the province strong in the running and administration of cycling and events that are held within the district and province.

You need to belong to and ECC affiliated club to receive ECC Provincial Colours

NMB District Club Details

Algoa Bay Youth Cycling Club

Fat Tracks MTB Club


PE Cycling Club


Masters and Ladies Cycling Club


Tiger Track MTB Club

Siyanqoba Cycling Club


VW Cycling Club

Walmer Cycling Club

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